"Exemplary leaders embody their values and what they care about, committing to practices in language, actions, and emotions."
— Richard Strozzi-Heckler

Helping an Executive Navigate a Career Change and Hone his Leadership Skills

Client VP of Business Development

Business Need

Well accomplished at this point in his career, this sales and marketing leader (a.k.a. Jon) found himself at a critical crossroads.  For over a year, Jon had been struggling with a deteriorating culture and lack of leadership at the top of his present organization where he had dedicated the previous 17 years of his career.  He was now contemplating whether to leave his current role and join another firm, or possibly start his own company. 

Todd Alexander listened and discovered that Jon had three primary goals at the outset of their coaching relationship.  He wanted to make a bigger, more positive impact with those he serves; improve his ability to prioritize and maintain work-life balance; and be part of an organization where innovation, trust, and service are its core values.    

Cornerstone 3’s Solution 

Todd began the coaching relationship with a commitment to identify and expand upon Jon’s best qualities and strengths, while developing new leadership skills and behaviors where gaps existed.  To help him successfully make the career transition and ensure the changes he was making would be sustainable, their weekly coaching sessions included trust-based conversations, as well as a series of co-created assignments, and somatic practices


As a result of the coaching process, Jon gained clarity and confidence about the role he sought for himself—and the type of organization where it would be possible.  Just as important, he learned how to prioritize, focus, and establish boundaries that would lead to greater work-life balance.   Soon after the coaching began, Jon left his company and joined another firm.  Although the new role fulfilled his desire for growth and innovation, it soon became evident that it was not the culture he was seeking. 

Todd continued to support Jon as he left that position and courageously started his own company.  Today, he has a successful, growing business where he is able to leverage his marketing expertise and creativity, as well as fulfill his third goal of positively impacting those around him.  Furthermore, Jon is creating a culture that fits him perfectly—one that is rooted in his personal “leadership purpose” of trust, innovation, and service to others.       

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