"In its most fundamental sense, execution is a systematic way of exposing reality and acting on it."
— Ram Charan and Larry Bossidy

How a healthcare services provider transitioned from an entrepreneurship to a professionally managed firm — and achieved 20% growth

Client Healthcare services company

Business Need

This Company (a.k.a. DELPHI) had a strong reputation for exceeding client expectations and was eager to capitalize on growing demand for their services.  However, as DELPHI began transitioning from an entrepreneurship to a professionally managed organization, they struggled with a set of issues that other entrepreneurs commonly face:     

  • The owners’ desire for personal control, which was a strength during the company’s early years, had now become a barrier.

  • The company had grown in sales but not in profits.

  • Business goals were established each year but the systems necessary to create accountability and execute consistently had not been developed.  In particular, sales planning, pipeline management, and sales process were either poorly developed or nonexistent.

  • Duplication of effort was common yet people felt overworked.

Cornerstone 3’s Solution 

Cornerstone 3 worked side-by-side with DELPHI’s owners to assess their situation and future needs, including the managerial style changes needed.  After the organizational gaps and development needs were identified, we began designing and implementing a series of improvements that would address issues and help DELPHI’s managers adopt the right level of operational sophistication. We started by creating a clear, differentiated value proposition and wove it into the overall customer experience.  Then, we systematically integrated it with DELPHI’s operations, while establishing much-needed role clarity and accountabilities.  To ensure sustainability, we applied proven methods such as Strategy Mapping, Value-based Selling, and Traction EOS™.  A critical ingredient to this work was the CEO’s willingness to live with less control and rely on Cornerstone 3’s expertise in leading the development of strategy, customer experience, systems, and an operating scorecard.   


DELPHI’s revenues increased in year two of the engagement.  They achieved their 20 percent growth goal in year three, and profitability improved as operational inefficiencies were eliminated.  In addition, DELPHI’s customers were thrilled with the new “value-based” experience that became implicit in every customer interaction.  In brief, DELPHI had transformed from a company at a crossroads to one that is now able to handle growth and operate effectively.  They had successfully transitioned from an entrepreneurship to a professionally managed business, and the owner was making the transition from an entrepreneur to a true CEO as well.    

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